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Afghanistan Casualty Trend

An earlier article speculating in the causes for the intra-annual casualty trend: https://thecivilisingmission.com/2010/04/05/fighting-season-in-afghanistan/ Source: icasualties.org … Advertisements

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La Guerre d’Algérie

“War is an act of violence that has no limit.”[1] Upon Algerian independence in 1962, France and its former colony could look back at an armed conflict that had lasted for eight years, cost the lives of close to half … Continue reading

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The Sierra Leone Civil War

As a direct consequence of the abolitionist movement’s campaigns in Britain, the settlement called Freetown was founded 1787 for emancipated slaves. Initially consisting of the so-called black poor from Britain and Nova Scotia, it later would become home for the … Continue reading

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Fighting Season in Afghanistan

Is there any relationship between labour demand in Afghanistan’s agricultural sector and Taliban activity? Co-variation between casualty data and temperature statistics suggest there might be a link. There is a clear upward trend in NATO fatalities in this particular conflict, … Continue reading

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An interregnum, the period of discontinuity between an incumbent government or social order and the next, provides an interesting study of the social effects attributable to the loss of order. In societies where political power is heavily centralised, a smooth … Continue reading

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The Economics of Violence

Is there a relationship between a society’s level of socio-economic development and it’s level of violence? There is, as this chart seem to suggest. I used the parameters murder rate per 1000 citizens and GDP per Capita (2006) and charted … Continue reading

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