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The ‘North-South Divide’, still relevant today?

The sharp division between developed and developing countries is often described as the “North-South Divide.” The term was coined during the cold war as a way to geographically categorise countries on the basis of their socio-economic development level. With the … Continue reading

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China’s High-Yield Agriculture: A Double-Edged Sword?

The climatic and natural conditions found within the northern and southern territories of pre-modern China were conducive to wheat and rice cultivation respectively. Soil qualities, regularity of precipitation, the existence of rivers providing ease of irrigation and the length of … Continue reading

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Back to the Future for Africa?

The partition had left the European powers in control of the African continent, what followed was resource extraction in order to make the venture profitable. The industrial revolution had greatly enhanced the world’s demand for raw materials, commodities such as … Continue reading

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Relative Economic Development

https://thecivilisingmission.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/african-countries-gdp-per-capita-vs-uk.jpg Continue reading

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The Economics of Violence

Is there a relationship between a society’s level of socio-economic development and it’s level of violence? There is, as this chart seem to suggest. I used the parameters murder rate per 1000 citizens and GDP per Capita (2006) and charted … Continue reading

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