Kamele für Deutsch-Südwestafrika


Foreign Office



May 31, 1892.


With reference to your note of the 21st instant relative to the employment of Camels in the S.W. African Protectorate, I have the honour to inform Your Excellency that last year 10 Camels were imported from Teneriffe into the Protectorate and have been used with satisfactory results by the protective force serving there ( Schutz truppe ) for transport purposes during their marches and latterly for carrying the post between Walfischbay and Windhonk.

Deutsch-Südwestafrika, Kamelreiterpatrouille 1906

The animals stand the climate and food very well, they are remarkable for their powers of endurance, for the small amount of food and water which they require and for the hardness of their hoof.

As regards this last point, the Commander of the Protective Force, Captain von François, during a four months journey through Namaqualand, part of which was over very stony ground, observed that the camels hoofs remained sound whereas those of the horses and train-oxen were worn away.

The Undersigned avails himself of this opportunity


( sd. ) Marschall.

His Excellency

Sir Edward Malet GG.C.B.

etc.             etc.             etc.


Letter from Marschall to Malet, 31st May 1892, FO 84/2254

Translated Letter from Marschall to Malet, 31st May 1892, FO 84/2254


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